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Why Among Us Game Suddenly Got Popular?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Among us is a multiplayer game that follows the formula of trouble in terrorist town in which there is an imposter amongst several other players that has the goal of killing everyone else without being caught the other players have to figure out who the impostor or imposters are and kill them before the game ends.

You may know this psychological style of gameplay by the name of mafia or werewolf which can be done in real life as a party game but the genre is popular online too due to the fact that its rules translate very well to the virtual world however among us was released in 2018 to moderate success but is now blown up on twitch with almost 31 million hours of watch time in august alone and of course alongside its sudden spike in viewers and players its ability to spawn countless memes has grown tremendously with examples such as emergency meeting as well as fan animated deaths this is why today we are exploring the reasons why it suddenly got so big as well as the way it's been able to contribute to meme cultures so quickly first of all there are several factors that have made this game popular for one it's incredibly accessible there isn't a novel's worth of game lore or the need to learn complex crafting game systems and the simple graphics let it run on almost any system secondly the current asking price of among us is incredibly low it's only five us dollars meaning anyone can join without having to shell out a wad of cash this means it's super easy to jump right into a colorful sci-fi world with your friends and play a game giving it huge potential for different streamers and internet personalities to hold crossover events.

People can watch several of their favorite streamers playing together and that is a powerful drawcard naturally those that spend a lot of time on the internet watching streamers often have a vested interest in meme culture as memes and streaming have a symbiotic relationship memes are often used to efficiently communicate ideas moods and inside jokes between viewers of streams and help foster a sense of community and belonging amongst those who understand their messages as a result memes have the power to boost a streamer's presence online for better or for worse which ultimately has an effect on the wider internet this is definitely the case with among us a game that had comparatively little interest a while after its release but is now seeing a humongous spike amongst streamers and players alike inevitably steamrolling ahead with an avid community comprised of memes and stream clips.

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