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Snapdragon 865 5G Mobile Platform: Specs and 5G capabilities

Snapdragon 865 flagship chipset has been announced. Qualcomm, and it's ready to power the next round of flagship-level Android smartphones starting in the second quarter of 2020. Snapdragon 865 phone a reference device and well there's a lot to talk about the new chipset


Well time to talk about the flagship processor the 865 what is new and what has changed from the 855 first up is obviously the new CPU and GPU the snapdragon 865 is again a seven anumita processor but it comes to the new Clio 585 CPU featuring the latest cortex a 77 cause it's an octa-core CPU with for high efficiency cortex a55 cores clocked at 1.8 gigahertz 3 high-performance cortex a77 cores clocked at 2.4 gigahertz and a prime a 77 core clock at two point eight four gigahertz now on people it does not seem a whole lot different from the 855 but the new Clio 585 CPU with the new cortex a 77 cause it said improve performance and power efficiency by 25% improve GP on board the new adrene or 650 GP also offers a 25% performance boost over the ndrine or 640 on the 855 and it brings a whole lot of game features


The snapdragon 865 brings the expected performance bump and what I consider the benchmarks from this test device here's the league benchmark score of the 865.

Well even obviously see that the 865 is beastly I mean here's the scores compared to the 855 well see the difference yeah 865 brings a nice performance. Snapdragon 865 scores are better than the new mediatek chip said but there's no beating. Like I said it brings a whole lot of gaming features first up their support for qhd+ 144 Hertz displays now yeah we don't even have a lot of 90 Hertz and 120 Hertz games but we should see 144 hazardous flip phones next. Pubg mobile will get HDr 10 and 90 FPS. There's new game color plus version 2.0 and game smoother desktop forward rendering HDR fast blend to be honest there are a lot more features of the gaming front but there's one GPU specific feature that I really like it's a with snapdragon 865 welcome will be working with makers to DS Adrina graphics driver updates why are the Play Store yeah that is awesome it's a big deal anyway moving on from gaming with the snapdragon 865 at 765 5g is becoming the norm the snapdragon 865 brings a 2nd gen x 55 5g modern which is still not integrated but it's part of the package phones with 865 will have to have 5g support it's kind of mandatory this is a choice now what's great about this morning is the patter it supports all the frequency bands be, be millimeter-wave sub 60 DD f DD si or NSA modes theoretically the new X 55 modem can achieve maximum download speeds of 7.5 Gbps on 5g that is insane even Wi-Fi sakes on a 65 can't match that number now about from rad a 2nd gen x v5 mon will work with 4g 3g and even 2g network so no problems it.


Cameras the snapdragon 865 comes in the spectra 480 ISP that has the eager pixel speed technology which can capture at the speed of up to 2 Giga pixels per second really are the new spectra for ATI as we have some powerful features first up its supposed 200 megapixel cameras and 8k at 30fps video recording yeah that is insane not sure if it's very useful right now but insane definitely I checked out some 8k footage from an 865 phone on an eight-game monitor and it looked really good the 480 isp alternative capture 64 mega pixel shots while recording 4k video simultaneously which is also pretty impressive another great thing is the ability to capture 960fps slow more videos at 720p without any time limits I mean finally lastly the snapdragon 865 comes with support for Dolby vision video capture which is a big thing it's a first and from the looks of it it's super impressive.

5th Gen Qualcomm AI Engine

Snapdragon 865 brings the new power pack 5th gen AI engine which is 2 times powerful with the new tencel accelerator which should translate into some crazy AI performance. The 865 AI engine can transcribe my voice into English and can translate it into Chinese in real time locally how cool is that there's also improved audio capabilities and the new Qualcomm sensing hub which is particularly interesting so the sensing hub is set to offer more accurate voice detection and always-on contextual features while using less power that sounds awesome lastly does this one Snapdragon 865 supported feature that isn't really a part of 865 but I wanted to try it out the new 3d sonic max fingerprint scanner anyway the snapdragon 865 brings some powerful upgrades over the 855 beard on the gaming, cameras ai and yes connectivity and that's pretty much all the things that matter says I'm impressed and I can't wait to try out phones with the snapdragon 865.

Snapdragon 865 is a power-packed chipset but a lot of these new features depend on how manufacturers plan to implement them well we'll see how it goes anyway what do you think of the snapdragon 865??

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