10 Reasons why pc gaming is better than console

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

My friends you hear it a lot pc master race pc master race

But have you ever wondered why? Pc gaming is considered to be the master race now???

If you're a PC gamer

You likely already know the reasons, but if you're on the outside looking in it can be hard to really get and today

I'm gonna do my best to lay it out for you

Today We're gonna be counting down the 10 reasons that PC gaming is superior

Let's get started

Kicking off this list is simple

10. Price

Misconception about PC gaming is that it's super expensive that console gaming is way cheaper while

PC gaming can be expensive if you're trying to build this mega-machine.

A Standard gaming PC really isn't that expensive and you can build a solid computer for just as much if not even less.

Than buying a new console plus because PC gaming is so customizable

And you're not buying the complete package

You can get very creative with what you want and the pricing that you're comfortable with

But with consoles!!!!!!!!!

You've got one price

And that's it but with PC gaming you can actually decide what aspects you do and what aspects you don't want to pay a lot

Of money for and you can tailor the machine to fit your personal budget

9. Keyboard and Mouse

While people may have their own preferences about controllers or keyboard or mouse

There's no denying that the keyboard the mouse are vastly superior to controllers and many different types of games and shooters, RTS game strategy games and many RPGs as well the keyboard and mouse just gives you so much more control over what your character does.

And the precision you have with a mouse is far better than that of a joystick when playing shooters

If you don't like the keyboard mouse or if you're not used to using them yet

You can always just plug a controller into your PC and

Play the way you would on a console the PC

Definitely has the advantage in terms of controller options in ways for you to actually play try going up against a good player in Fortnight that's using a keyboard mouse when you're using a console controller.

8. Open Marketplace

PC open marketplace consoles

Have a closed marketplace in which the big companies Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo get to decide what is it is not on your console on the PC however?

This is not the case sure you have services like Stephen origin that streamlined the process of getting your games....

But that doesn't mean that you have to get games through them this leads to a massive indie marketplace in the world of modding betas Emulators you name it. It's out there the openness of the PC marketplace leads to much better competition and more products

Competition breeds success when you don't have the competition

Well, you can't really hold the companies accountable to give you the best products.

7. Cheaper games

This is another very good side effects of the openness of the PC market place now with Xbox Playstation and Nintendo consoles you have a fixed price for digital downloads and there isn't much competition.

Because at the end of the day you have a company deciding how expensive things are gonna be

But on the other end of the spectrum with the PC you have multiple marketplaces to buy games from such steam g2a the Humble Bundle etc because you have multiple sources all competing for your business the consumer it leads to much better Prices as well as those insane steam sales that we all know and love Plus

Digital distribution is much cheaper than physical distribution which leads to just lowering price in general

And then you have the countless free to play it any games that just want players and they don't cost a dime to get into

If you aren't a fan of how much money you have to pay for console games the PC has probably got you covered in this category.

6. Hardware Updates/Repairs

We have hardware upgrades and repairs another common misconception about PC gaming is that you have to constantly update your hardware

But that's not exactly true if you build a weak PC yes you're gonna have to update, but like I mentioned before building a decent

PC doesn't cost a lot of money

Maintaining that decent PC doesn't require buying hardware upgrades most of the time people upgrade their PC because they want to, not because they have to

however the fact that PC gamers can't upgrade their hardware is a huge plus for the system overall when you buy a console

You're stuck with that hardware until you buy a brand-new one if a certain part of the console breaks

You have to buy a whole new one on the other hand if a certain part of your PC breaks it becomes a little outdated

you can simply replace it for a fraction of the cost of a brand-new gaming console plus as

PC hardware becomes more more powerful for lower prices the option becomes clear which platform is a better deal in the long run

It's the PC

5. Visuals

Let's talk about visuals huge huge selling point of the PC

Is that it is capable of far better visuals than the console is while consoles are slowly, but surely trying to catch up

They're still not on the level of a high-end. PC. PC visuals are much more customizable than consoles

That's a fact when you buy a game on the console

You're stuck with whatever settings the developers put on it, and if you want to change something or your system isn't running very well

You're basically out of luck with a PC

you have tons of graphics options allowing you to adjust things like the texture quality the draw distance is the

anti-aliasing the overall fidelity frame rate caps pretty much anything you want for the sake of better performance

Sometimes you want better graphics with lower frame rate. Okay, we can do that sometimes

You don't mind turning the graphics down a bit for the sake of more frames per second

And that is totally up to the player to decide not only are PCs capable of reaching better visual quality

but the amount of customization possible and the graphical side of things in PC gaming creates a far better experience overall

4. More Reliable Connection

How many times have you been screwed by PlayStation?

Network or Xbox Live going down

That is an issue that you just don't have on PC online play on the PC is not dictated by a single service like online

Play on a console is if a certain game servers are down or undergoing maintenance

Just go to a different game sure some games use steam servers

I get that but not every game runs on Steam and not every online game on Steam runs on their server anyway when Xbox

PlayStation servers go down

Everybody is screwed together until they come back up

But with the PC online play is largely a game by game system as opposed to an overall system if a certain game isn't working

Just go play a different one until that game gets put back online

3. Free Online Pay

Let's talk about the biggest selling point the fact that there is no selling point at all

See what I did there online play on PC is completely free unless it's a subscription MMO or something else

Anyone can download a game and start playing online with other people this has been a point of some pretty major discussion as pre

I mean people are getting pretty tired of Xbox and Sony charging for online access especially

When Sony raised the price of PS Plus for absolutely no reason when consoles charge you for online play?

They're essentially locking a part of your game behind an arbitrary paywall in the PC marketplace has shown that this paywall isn't

actually, necessary

Sony Microsoft will charge you for a subscription service that gives you online playing deals on game downloads while the PC will give you all of that and more for free.

2. More Options

Number to this is simple more options when you buy a console what can you do with that console play games watch movies?

Strength the amount of things you can do with the console is pretty limited despite how much Sony Microsoft are trying to make their systems

Entertainment centers, but what can you do with the gaming PC well?

Anything you want. It's a computer

I mean there's not much to say about this one a PC is just capable of doing way more things than a console is and

The things that both the PC and console can do

Technically the PC can do them better

1. The Most Games

More games the most common debate between

PlayStation and Xbox players is who has the most games and it's probably a good thing that people don't bring up PC in that debate

because the PC has the most games hands down you have all the multi-platform games you have the countless PC exclusives you have the

Massive indie marketplace you have all of the emulators that give you access to pretty much every

pre-2005 game ever made and the list goes on and on

Plus the PC is even getting access to the console exclusives now with both Sony and Microsoft

Introducing services that put their exclusives on the PC sony has PlayStation now

which lets you stream various PlayStation exclusives to the PC as long as you have a controller and

Microsoft has been putting tons of resources into their Xbox play anywhere system

which lets you link your Xbox Live account to your PC and play your games on PC as long as you have Windows 10 and

Microsoft recently announced that all future

Xbox exclusives will also be released on the PC with cross play between the PC and Xbox one I've actually done this with C at these beta when it comes to the sheer number of games at the amount of options in the variety you have on Various gaming platforms the PC takes the cake without competition.

Those are 10 pretty obvious reasons why the PC is superior

Hopefully, you guys enjoyed reading.

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