Best PC Games to Play With a Controller

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Using a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard for certain PC games can be counterintuitive, but it often yields better results. Popular titles such as Dark Souls, Psychonauts 2, and Cuphead are just a few examples of games that play better with a controller. The specific type of control configuration may depend on 󠀡the genre being played; while a keyboard and mouse are suited particularly well for strategy titles, using a controller may provide an advantage to sports titles, racing games, and other fighting games. Ultimately, the decision between either control scheme boils down to personal preference.

WWE 2K22

Credits:, Visual Concepts

Release DateMarch 11, 2022
Developer/sVisual Concepts
GenreWrestling, Sports

WWE 2K22 is a good example of how controllers and 3D combat games work together. The 2022 wrestling video game employs a more straightforward control system than several of its forerunners, giving players a hybrid arcade/simulation experience.
The Xbox controller is the ideal input device for the game, and the freedom provided by a thumbstick allows for better mobility while playing. Users using keyboards and mice will almost certainly need to change the default bindings in WWE 2K22.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Credits: Team Ninja

Release DateMarch 3, 2023
Developer/sTeam Ninja
GenreAction RPG

The PC version of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty received some justified criticism for its launch in a subpar optimized form. The keyboard and mouse setup for the game was exceptionally poor, making it all but impossible to play. Wo Long is now at least playable without a controller thanks to upgrades that Team Ninja issued shortly after its release and enhanced the core experience. Nevertheless, the latter is still the better way to enjoy this 2023 Souls-like.
Wo Long's camera may become fairly awkward when using the keyboard and mouse, which adds a frustrating element to an already difficult game. Additionally, Wo Long's combat system works better with a gamepad because it was probably certainly created specifically for the accessory.

Forza Horizon 5

Credit: Playground Games

Release DateNovember 9, 2021
Developer/sPlayground Games

With a controller rather than a keyboard or mouse, the majority of racing games generally perform better. A high-quality wheel is the way to go for racing simulators, but this isn't necessarily the case with arcade racers. Forza Horizon 5's quickest cars tend to be easiest to manage, so gamers might feel most at ease using a controller when driving them.
Forza Horizon 5 has a lot of downtime because it requires players to spend a lot of time traveling through Mexico and taking in the scenery. Since a controller makes it easier for players to relax and unwind, it works nicely with the game's tone and speed.

Yakuza 0

Credit: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio

Release DateAugust 1, 2018
Developer/sRyu Ga Gotoku Studio

Yakuza 0 makes no attempt to hide the fact that it is intended to be played with a gamepad; in fact, one of the first things it does is present a warning that suggests as much. For exploration and the majority of the minigames, a keyboard and mouse setup should be adequate, but controllers are preferable for the beat-'em-up battle.
Yakuza 0 is a charmingly eccentric open-world game with a compelling plot that acts as a great beginning to this venerable franchise. So grab a controller and put yourself in Kiryu and Majima's position.

Persona 5 Strikers

Credit: Omega Force, P-Studio

Release DateFebruary 23, 2021
Developer/sOmega Force, P-Studio
GenreHack and Slash, Action RPG

The turn-based JRPG Persona 5 Royal is playable on PC, and while it's not necessarily better with a keyboard and mouse, it works quite fine without one. The sequel to that game, Persona 5 Strikers, cannot be said to be the same. The K+M setup in the hack-and-slash game could use some work, and users may need to experiment with the bindings to find a method that suits them.
Persona 5 Strikers can be played right out of the box if you have a controller. The battle system is ideal for a gamepad because it calls for quick responses but not necessarily exact precision.

Psychonauts 2

Credit: Double Fine

Release DateAugust 25, 2021
Developer/sDouble Fine
Genre3D Platformer

Platformers in general, and 3D platformers in particular, can be compared to Psychonauts 2 in this regard. Most of the time, these games benefit from the more accurate movement offered by an analog stick, while they are typically made to make the best use of a controller's buttons.
Psychonauts 2 goes a step further by incorporating a Psi-Powers wheel and a fighting system that calls for rapid reflexes—both of which feel better on a controller.

Castle Crashers

Credit: The Behemoth

Release DateSeptember 26, 2012
Developer/sThe Behemoth
GenreAction RPG, Hack and Slash

On the Xbox 360, Castle Crashers made its debut in 2008; the PC version did not follow until more than four years later. Unsurprisingly, the controls of the game are influenced by its console roots because they are easier to use with a gamepad. It's not impossible to do tasks with a keyboard and mouse, but it will take some getting accustomed to. In the meantime, Castle Crashers on a gamepad seems natural.
Players in Castle Crashers take on the role of knights tasked with rescuing four princesses. The side-scroller is fun solo, but it also supports co-op, which is undoubtedly the best way to play the game. Castle Crashers is a casual RPG that lets players level up their characters and unlock new attacks while playing out like a hack-and-slash beat 'em up.

Rocket League

Credit: Psyonix

Release DateJuly 7, 2015
GenreSoccer, Racing

Any person can learn a control system with enough practice, however, some take less time. Due to the game's history as a console title, most players prefer playing Rocket League using a gamepad rather than a keyboard and mouse.
Additionally, Rocket League's driving can only be fully utilized with a controller because a keyboard ultimately lacks the 360-degree mobility of an analog stick. Additionally, the controller is better for aerial play, which is important in Rocket League.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Credit: Square Enix Business Division 1

Release DateDecember 16, 2021
Developer/sSquare Enix Business Division 1
GenreAction JRPG

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a divisive port that was released on PC in December 2021. Leaving aside its other faults, the JRPG functions adequately with a keyboard and mouse in that there isn't input lag and the characters feel responsive. But because of the unique default settings, getting to this level requires remapping the keyboard and mouse layout. FF7 Remake can be played totally without a controller if someone is willing to spend a few minutes remapping the buttons.
Nevertheless, using a controller still makes things a little bit better. The action RPG clearly reflects how it was created for the PS4. The battle just "feels right" because it was designed specifically for a controller's button layout. With a controller, the majority of JRPGs that are PC-ported typically perform better.

 Monster Hunter World (Melee)

Credit: Capcom

Release DateAugust 9, 2018

The ideal control method for Monster Hunter World on PC depends on the character's build. The keyboard and mouse are typically preferable while playing as a ranged fighter since they provide more accurate aiming. On the other hand, the controller excels while using a melee build, especially when dealing with combinations.
World was influenced by Monster Hunter, which got its start on consoles. Although Capcom did a good job of making the keyboard and mouse a viable alternative, these games are made with controllers in mind.

Sonic Frontiers

Credit: Sonic Team

Release DateNovember 8, 2022
Developer/sSonic Team
Genre3D Platformer

Since almost all of the games, especially the 3D versions, benefit from a gamepad, Sonic Frontiers serves as a representative of the entire Sega franchise. Platformers in general benefit from the flexibility that a thumbstick offers, and Sonic the Hedgehog in particular. These games move at an incredibly breakneck pace, and using a controller makes boosting easier.
Beyond the fact that gamepads appear to be a better fit, other Sonic games, like Frontiers, treat the keyboard and mouse as an afterthought, which offers little to encourage people to try out that control method.


Credit: Supergiant Games

Release DateSeptember 17, 2020
Developer/sSupergiant Games

Another situational example is Hades, who performs consistently better while using a controller. Particularly for players who choose to disable auto-aim, some weapons (like the Adamant Rail) perform significantly better when used with a keyboard and mouse.
In Hades, a controller is the safest option when not employing ranged weaponry. In Supergiant's game, movement and reflexes are crucial for survival, and using a controller improves Zagreus' chances. Fortunately, Hades is fantastic under either type of leadership.

Batman: Arkham Series

Credit: Rocksteady Studios, WB Games Montréal

Games & Release Date•Batman: Arkham Asylum – September 15, 2009
•Batman: Arkham City – November 22, 2011
•Batman: Arkham Origins – October 25, 2013
•Batman: Arkham Knight – June 23, 2015
Developer/sRocksteady Studios, WB Games Montréal

While using a keyboard and mouse to play the Arkham games is doable (and fine), it lacks a controller in a few crucial ways. The gameplay of the game is naturally suited to controllers because it mainly relies on auto-targeting technologies, but that's not all.
Combat scenes are where a controller really excels. The close-knit elements of a controller are best able to assist the free-flowing fighting system, which depends on memory and reflexes. With a keyboard and mouse, it is a little more difficult to execute intricate and prolonged combos.

 Halo: Spartan Assault & Spartan Strike

Credit: 343 Industries, Vanguard Games

Games & Release Date•Spartan Assault – July 18, 2013
•Spartan Strike – April 16, 2015
Developer/s343 Industries, Vanguard Games
GenreTwin-stick Shooter

It has been a blessing to have Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo Infinite on PC, if only so that players may utilize the coveted mouse and keyboard set-up. Other games in the franchise, such as Spartan Assault and Strike, perform significantly better with the controller.
Precision shooting is not as important in this game as it would be in an FPS because of the top-down isometric view. A controller is an ideal tool for controlling the character and utilizing the game's fantastic move/shoot system. A keyboard and mouse combination isn't the absolute worst thing in the world, but it also can't compare to a gamepad.

Trials Series

Credit: Ubisoft RedLynx, Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft Kyiv

Games & Release Date•Trials Evolution – March 21, 2013
•Trials Fusion – April 16, 2014
•Trials Rising – February 26, 2019
Developer/sUbisoft RedLynx, Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft Kyiv
GenrePlatformer, Racing

The Trials series from Ubisoft challenges players to carefully navigate platforming courses while riding a two-wheeler in each game. Each game has motorbike stunts. Despite having Java roots, the franchise first gained popularity on the Xbox 360 before moving on to other platforms (including PC). In general, using a controller makes every Trials game better since analog triggers give players a significant amount of control over a vehicle's acceleration. In comparison to gamepads, keyboards, and mice find it is difficult to reproduce this type of input (although it is still somewhat achievable).
To be fair, Trials games on PC are often excellent; they just don't work well with the platform's standard peripherals. In contrast to consoles, PC players can also select their favorite controller, which might be important in Trials.

Streets Of Rage 4

Credit: Dotemu, Lizardcube, Guard Crush Games

Release DateApril 30, 2020
Developer/sDotemu, Lizardcube, Guard Crush Games
GenreBeat 'Em Up

It shouldn't be shocked to hear this. After all, when the Streets of Rage series made its debut on the 16-Bit Sega Genesis console in the 1990s, there weren't many beat '''em-up games of its ilk. In comparison to the first three games, Streets of Rage 4 has shown to be a fantastic continuation.
It not only flawlessly replicates the atmosphere of the original games, but it also adds a few fresh control schemes to keep things interesting. It's just not fun to play the game with a keyboard, and it shouldn't be. Connect a controller to your computer to enjoy the original button-mashing mayhem.

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered

Credit: Insomniac Games

Release DateAugust 12, 2022
Developer/sInsomniac Games
GenreOpen-World, Action-Adventure

The majority of PlayStation games that have been ported to the PC are better when played with a controller. Although it is clear that these games were designed for controllers, that does not mean that a keyboard and mouse cannot be used to play them. Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered may benefit the most from the use of a gamepad out of all the ports.
Players do not benefit in any way from the usage of a keyboard and mouse, to be more precise. The mouse allows for more accurate aiming while using a bow or a gun in Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, respectively. Nothing comparable can be found in Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered.


Credit: Studio MDHR

Release DateSeptember 29, 2017
Developer/sStudio MDHR

Cuphead is one of the most challenging 2D games of the last ten years due to its quick animations and taxing boss battles. This run-and-gun game, which was inspired by cartoons from the 1930s, is merciless, which adds to its appeal.
Despite the fact that this game appears outdated, it uses contemporary controls. There are assigned buttons for parrying, dashing, locking in place, and activating Super Art. The controls for Cuphead aren't too difficult, and a gamepad makes them feel more comfortable.

Dark Souls Series

Credit: FromSoftware

Games & Release Date•Dark Souls – August 24, 2012
•Dark Souls 2 – April 24, 2014
•Dark Souls 3 – April 12, 2016

Generally speaking, controller play is preferred for the majority of Souls-like games. It only takes some getting used to switching to that control method. They are not hard with a keyboard and mouse. Even after all that work, the experience is probably still going to feel inferior to using a gamepad.
Given that players can only roll in four directions, it might be argued that the original Dark Souls is the greatest choice for a keyboard. Eight is the new range in the sequels, which complements controllers but not keyboards. Nevertheless, FromSoftware has gradually become more adept at utilizing the standard input methods used by the PC gaming community; Sekiro and Elden Ring both perform better in this regard than any of the Dark Souls titles.

Devil May Cry 5

Credit: Capcom

Release DateMarch 8, 2019
GenreHack and Slash

The keyboard and mouse controls for Devil May Cry 5 were generally well-mapped by Capcom. Using such input methods, the hack-and-slash game functions reasonably well, albeit it would rely on whether the user had a gaming mouse with side buttons.
Despite this, the majority of gamers will undoubtedly feel more at ease using a controller, especially if they were raised playing Devil May Cry on the PlayStation 2. In the end, it comes down to taste and comfort, which applies to the majority of the finest controller-friendly video games.

Hollow Knight

Credit: Team Cherry

Release DateFebruary 24, 2017
Developer/sTeam Cherry
GenreMetroidvania, Fighting game

Popular independent title Hollow Knight is accessible across a variety of platforms, including PC. The game's world-building, character design, and fighting systems, with a focus on the substantial plot, were well-received by critics. The game is best played with a controller because it was influenced by earlier platformers. Particularly, a follow-up titled Hollow Knight


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