The 50 Best PC Games of 2023



So, we have pickup 50 Best PC Games. It does not matter which year, month, or time, whenever a new game is announced or released there is bound to be excitement in the gaming community and the year 2023 is no less.
Many awesome games are released and some are yet to hit the stores. Here is the list of the 50 Best PC Games of 2023.

50. Soulstice

Soulstice is a game that looks kind of like dark souls with a slightly more near automata pace there's actually more, as a player will be managing two characters, one is oriented towards attack and the other one is oriented towards healing and defense and we are interested to see exactly what it means art style world and story all seem to check the two characters two sisters bound together to get revenge which who doesn't like a good revenge game.

49. King of Fighters 15

This is a long runnings series and it's a very good series. This is the first king of fighters game to use the unreal engine. This series is going to be strong and the gameplay looks fantastic. I recommend this game, it's a great game worth every penny.

48. Plan 8

An exosuit MMO shooter not unlike Warframe at its very core and has a couple of different advantages though us productions being led by tsunkee lee who was the art director on black desert online it is perillabus's first shooter and we haven't seen a whole lot about it however it's theorized to be coming this year we have our fingers crossed because honestly, perlabus puts out some pretty great stuff I'm interested to see them venture into something else.

47. Martha is dead

A first-person psychological thriller is set in 1944 Italy the plot of the game is that you are the twin sister of a woman named Martha who is found dead obviously and you not only deal with the traumatic loss but you also investigate the death. This one has some beautiful graphics and Italian dialogue. This game comes with a great story and is worth your time.

46. Nightingale

A very different-looking game was revealed at the game awards last December it's a survival slash crafting game set in a truly bizarre world that just goes completely out of its way to be something totally unlike anything I've ever seen in the survival slash crafting genre you can literally build a town in this game and then you have to defend it from all these truly bizarre sometimes even disgusting looking creatures it's frankly something I'm really excited to play it's something that just looks so unbelievably different and I'm excited to play this game. This game will release this year.

45. Star Trek: Resurgence

A telltale game style game was created by dramatic labs which is a new company that has more than 20 former tell-tale writers developers designers artists and producers they claim that it's going to obviously be familiar to tell tale's normal style of gameplay but with some new additions and refinements I don't know exactly what that means yet it does look interesting it's also not an episodic game. It's going to be a full lass entire star trek story which I'm looking forward to playing.

44. Oxenfree 2 lost signals

I was a huge fan of the original oxen free its linear but also non-linear style of gameplay and fantastic graphics really made this a fun dialogue drive descendant of the point-and-click adventure game. It takes place five years after the first game in Riley's hometown where things are messed up to the first game.

43. Dead space remake

It is being remade and motive the game's developers said we won't really be sharing anymore until next year which is an implication that we could actually be getting the game this year I don't know I am going to cross my fingers because if there is one thing I really truly want it's to go through the dead space remake. This is a game series that I absolutely love most even a lot of parts of dead space 3 but dead space 1 and 2 are just phenomenal games in terms of narrative horror where you actually have the ability to fight the monsters and in space, I do not think there is a better game. I think that the game also holds up today so to see them update it's gonna have to be a pretty big jump with a lot of it and I'm excited to see how that goes.

42. Arc Raiders

A free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter with a very 1970s-looking aesthetic has you and a crew scavenging using tools using gadgets and of course, fighting an enemy called arc which is a quote-unquote ruthless mechanized threat descending from space. It's a game that looks pretty sweet honestly granted it's been pretty limited in what they've shown us but it's a pretty looking game.

41. Stranger of Paradise

This is the first final fantasy game in a kind of dark souls type format it's an action RPG that will be according to the developers a brutal take on the final fantasy series and I think that's a very good idea Koei Tecmo and team ninja is helming the development of this one and frankly, it could be something that is incredibly good. This game was released on March 18th.

40. Palworld

Palworld is an open-world multiplayer survival crafting game that incorporates elements of Pokemon into a shooter crafting survival monster hunting game that just I mean I'd hesitate to call it unique because I immediately feel like it looks like a Pokemon game but Pokemon has not done a survival crafting game and also the mechanics look completely different than any pokemon game I've ever seen and on top of that the action actually looks a lot more fun than your average survival crafting game. This game has some definite potential. It comes out sometime this year.

39. Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection

This game gives you both Uncharted 4 and Uncharted the lost legacy these are both great games and I'm excited to play them on PC personally I mean what is there really to say these are some of the biggest action-adventure games are the best-set pieces and wild winding stories, of course, we're gonna play them on PC.

38. The outer worlds 2

The outer world 2 despite the fact "The Outer World 1" came out on all of the systems after Microsoft's acquisition of obsidian a lot of people thought "Outer Worlds 2" would still come out on other systems but it does not look like that's the case the first game is incredible. It's such a great focus may be smaller in scale but better in quality fallout 4 competitor and I'm excited there's a sequel to it.

37. Hollow Knight: Silksong

The upcoming sequel to 2017's hollow knight. Now if you're not familiar with the original it's Metroidvania it was a really gorgeous hand-drawn adventure that had a dark tone and was really just a great example of the genre this one expands on it. This one features a different protagonist with different powers and although we don't know when it's coming out.

36. Sons of the Forest

This is the long-awaited follow-up to "The Forest," which was a survival game with some really hardcore horror elements to it and a lot of good stuff. "Sons of the Forest," interestingly enough, is hotly anticipated by "Forest" fans, but we don't know much about it. It does look kind of familiar to 'The Forest' in a lot of ways. You find yourself stranded again. You would have to craft and use items and build a shelter along with other stuff to sustain and survive. And of course, have to defend yourself from really weird and creepy forest creatures. We are hoping that they really went all out and are gonna give us something absolutely amazing. That's, of course, just our general analysis, but there's good potential in it. The release date of this game has been extended from May 2022 to October 2022.

35. Kerbal Space Program 2

It's been in a long development cycle with a different developer than the original game that looks to honor the original while adding a lot to it and honestly, I'm pretty excited for this because it looks like they really have the right idea while incorporating all the originals features as well as propulsion methods multiplayer colonies and interstellar travel stuff that should make the experience very good. This one has a release date of sometime this year.

34. Lost Ark

An MMO action RPG where you customize a character, you have a bunch of unlocks and you do a lot of exploration and fighting off enemies I think what stands out about this is its isometric perspective it actually uses unreal engine 3 but looks pretty darn good, especially considering its running on old tech I'm not going to say to you this is some kind of particularly unique game but people like it a lot and I think that makes it worth checking out at very least it is already out it's free to play so go check it.

33. Scorn

A game we have seen in various incarnations through the years originally announced way back in 2014. This is a game that I can remember talking about a lot it's just a different-looking game it sort of started out looking like a 1990s Tool album cover and it developed into a more quote-unquote biopunk aesthetic where everything is alive, your guns are even technically organic matter it's an interesting-looking game and it's intended to be non-linear that is coming in October this year and we're looking forward.

32. Outlast Trials

The third outlast game but not outlast three. Outlast 3 is still a project that is being worked on this serves as a prequel to the first two outlasts depicting events that arebrelated to them but taking place during the cold war. It was supposed to come out last year. Maybe gonna come out this year.

31. Diplomacy Is Not An Option

A game that's been in early access for about a month now I want to call this a strategy game city planner slash tower defense that kind of lifts all of the best ideas from all of those things and incorporates them into one strategy game that I would call pretty damn fun this game has a demo out I'd highly recommend checking that out to see if it's something you'd like if that description sounds good though I have a feeling its one that you would diplomacy is not an option is one that would.

30. Synced off-planet

It is a co-op companion shooter where you form teams and go up against enemy teams and the unique aspect of this is that there are companion classes that you can deploy in combat and not only do you have matches where you're playing against other people. The game is about the downfall of society and looks interesting one landing sometime this year.

29. Stray

It is an open-world game which we've actually seen in a couple of different forms over the last few years it started off as a game called HK project it's basically an adventure game where you play as a cat in a world where there are no people there's just robots and the cats looking to return to his family there puzzle solving cat-oriented traversal and, of course, a narrative.

28 Terminator Dark Fate: Defiance

It is a real-time strategy game set in the terminator dark fate universe which is one of the various terminator timelines obviously the point is to stop the machines from killing humanity, You are familiar with the old terminator, this takes place in the future. Terminator dark fate defiance is coming out in 2022.

27. Homeworld 3

A sequel to homeworld 2 which came out way back in 2003 obviously a completely dormant series for an extremely long period of time. Homeworld 3 is a real-time strategy game. On top of that, it has an extensive solo campaign and the graphics have been significantly updated and it looks like a real experience. I really like what homeworld 3 looks like and I look forward to playing it in quarter 4.

26. Horizon Forbidden West

It's an absolute blowout compared to "Horizon Zero Dawn." They have taken a lot of things from it along with making it bigger, worse, and crazier. The combat and the action look absolutely stunning. The amount of destruction to the enemies, the enemy types themselves, and the speed of it, all seem really cool. Not to mention the beauty of the world. It's a cocktail of a new adventure, new regions, new cultures, and apparently, more of an emphasis on questing and towns and RPG stuff that we love. Apparently, NPCs are much more interesting this time around. A lot of people liked "HorizonZero Dawn" quite a bit, but didn't love it head over heels. This one has taken it to the next level. Thankfully, we won't have to wait for it as it has been released on February 18th, 2022 already.

25. Warhammer 40000: Darkside

In this game, you'll have four players cooperating to defeat waves of enemies but apparently, the experience while like vermin tide is apparently going to be a little less melee oriented which makes sense given the change in setting. Warhammer 40000 dark tide comes out sometime this year.

24. Evil West

A gory sort of myth wild west game that is like the wild west and turns it into something that feels kind of Diablo-esque. I'm pretty excited for it's a good idea and if it's executed well evil west is definitely going to be a big one.

23. Total War Warhammer 3

The third Warhammer entry in the total war series brings the total war turn-based strategy in real-time tactics gameplay that we're used to from the total war games at this point it's not necessarily that this game brings a lot of new to the table in terms of mechanics but content-wise lots of new stuff and the campaign has been regarded as way better than the second. I overall think it's a really good entry to the series and you should check it out now.

22. Sniper Elite 5

It is the next entry in the premiere sniping series out there, this one has you sniping fighting stealth across a bunch of big maps in France as you take on the nazis we don't have a release date for sniper league five.

21. Marvel's Midnight Suns

A tactical RPG that incorporates various characters from avengers x-men and runaways it comes to us from the developers of xcom and that is exactly what it needs to be. This is a very good idea digging various superheroes and mutants from the marvel universe and making a tactical RPG in the vein of xcom. We don't have a date but allegedly it's coming out this month.

20. State of decay 3

It's been quite a while since we saw the previous game which came out in 2018 and State of decay 2 was actually a pretty big jump over state of the first part probably the biggest addition that has been confirmed is zombies, animals and that might be pretty wild considering the way that the world works in this game we don't have a date but supposedly coming out this year.

19. Boundary

I've been really interested in this since they announced it in a lot of ways. You seeking call-of-duty style shooting in a situation where you've got a bunch of debris flying all over the place and there's obviously no gravity. The outdoor firefights look more exciting than the indoor ones. I am definitely looking forward to playing this one.

18. Company of Heroes 3

A real-time strategy game set in the Italian and North African areas during world war 2 and gives us a lot of interesting new mechanics as well as improves on the terrain and structure destruction system it's been a while since the first company of heroes and this looks like a pretty big update to it apparently it's coming out late this year.

17. Ghostwire Tokyo

This is an action-adventure game we've seen a pretty fair amount of interesting stuff happening around but they've managed to keep what's going on fairly secret we've gotten little bits of info and various visuals essentially we know that it's a detective story, you've got most people in Tokyo have just randomly disappeared, there are ghosts and you're investigating.

16. Crimson Desert

An open-world action-adventure role-playing game coming to us from pearl abyss we already talked about a shooter that they're making this is a little bit closer to what we're used to from them this is originally planned as a prequel to black desert online but involved in a bigger more unique project apparently this one is a little different although it shares some more similar mechanical and aesthetic things with black desert online it seems like it might be a little more focused on the story we don know when that's coming out we will see it later in the year.

15. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

For all the fans of James Cameron's Avatar that have been waiting desperately on the edge of their seat for an avatar video game, this is one of those games where I have to mention it because it better be good. If it's not it's very obviously just trying to get the name avatar in front of people before they start releasing more movies. It is an open-world action-adventure game that is developed by massive entertainment. Basically has to be very good and they probably know that so there's a decent chance they're actually going to take a real stab at it which is good I don't know exactly when avatar frontiers of Pandora are coming out but good or bad I'm certainly going to be paying attention to it.

14. Red Fall

A game that arcane studios are working on and from the looks of it it seems like it's going to be a pretty big departure it is an open-world action-adventure shooter with single-player and co-op there are four different characters you can play as and the idea is you're in a town called red fall and you're fighting vampires this seems like something that arcane could probably put a really interesting twist on no real word as to if we're gonna have the same kind of traversal powers or combat powers as in previous arcade games but it's reasonable to expect some variation of that red fall is hitting in the summer and I'm really looking forward to it.

13. Gotham Knights

Gotham knights which is not a continuation of the Arkham games, however, will probably play a lot like the Arkham games basically you play as the various mentees of Batman investigating his death. Gotham Knights don't have a date yet but I would say it's reasonable to expect it to land this year it's been a few years in development.

12. A plague tale: Requiem

A direct sequel to a plague tale innocence continues the story of the two characters in it as they continue to flee from the plague hoping to find an island that apparently has the key to saving Hugo. Now the first game great story maybe a little short it seems like this one might be going to fix the length thing is apparently a 16-hour game which is a bit longer and a little more satisfying I'm interested to see where they take the story because I really enjoyed plague tale in a sense wreck Williams landing sometime this year.

11. Frostpunk 2

Obviously, the first frost punk is a game about making the least bad choice it's a city builder survival game and it's a very good one at that I'm really excited to see them make a sequel attempting to do the same idea at a much larger scale we don't have a release date but we expect it to land this year.

10. Dying Light 2

After so many delays, the game was finally locked and had been released on 4th Feb 2022. And long story short, the reason why this game has been put on the list is that we liked the original game so much. The original game was a really good, solid, adventure open-world zombie game which was also supported with a ton of cool post-release content and DLCs, and it felt like a gift that the developers kept on giving. Now, with "Dying Light 2," it's taking that fun core gameplay framework with the parkour, action, and violence and has added many more RPG and story elements to it. You would have to make decisions on how to help out the civilizations that have cropped up after the viral outbreak. This game is trying to do great things with the decisions you take. Like, who you end up helping and what you do will actually change how the societies or these factions work. You would be only getting to play with Melee weapons as no emphasis on guns is given. It could be because we're so far past the original outbreak that things are kind of broken down now. The parkour move set has also been upgraded which is great. This game is highly recommended by us regardless.

9. Sifu

The Game had been released on Feb 8th, 2022. This is one of our favorites, just because of how cool it looks. We love games like these, especially if they are coming from developers like Slow Clap. The same developers who made "Absolver," which was an intense game with a hand-to-hand fighting system and a lot of challenges. They have taken the very same gameplay, framework, and combat system, and applied it to a different theme and genre of game. There is a mechanic in this game due to which every time you die, you come back older. Fight scenes are hardcore, the way you can grapple, counter and fight enemies and use objects in the environment or use the environment itself to win seems so satisfying. If you've played "Absolver," you know that the combat system is on an absolutely different level. Even if the rest of the game was just kind of like eh, that combat system is top-tier, so for them to use that again and expand on it makes the game worth trying.

8. God of War

God of war which is really just a fantastic joining into the god of war universe seeing an older Kratos who's now a father dealing with different issues but still in the most brutal possible way this game made its way onto windows. It's fantastic there is no reason not to play this game we love this game.

7. Atomic Heart

A game that we've been paying attention to for quite a while now it's primarily a first-person shooter but has some accident RPG elements it's really got a Bioshock feel to it and takes place in an alternate reality soviet union in1955. The plot is in the 1930s the USSR made robots that actually allowed them to defeat nazi Germany. You know early but things kind of get out of hand because there is an internet and artificial intelligence in an organic tissue merging plot midst. It's something that I'm really looking forward to playing and it comes out in the latter half of this year.

6. The Day Before

This is a massively multiplayer shooter set in a post-pandemic America where you've got infected people craving flesh and survivors craving regular food this is a very realistic new york post-pandemic and I'm excited to play this one even if it's just for exploring the world itself this one releases in March 1, 2023.

5. Hogwart's legacy

This is an action RPG set in the wizarding world in the late 1800s. You'll play as a student at Hogwarts and you'll not only attend classes but you will also go on various quests to defeat various baddies. Hogwarts legacy is coming sometime this year.

4. Forspoken

This is an action RPG developed by luminous productions and published by Square Enix. This is a narrative-driven adventure game but it's very obvious to me that the reason this sets itself apart is the parkour. It is third-person parkour you're traversing landscapes very quickly very fluidly. It looks really cool and I'm interested in the story because if it does end up being as intriguing as the gameplay itself this is going to be a game to beat. This game is going to be released in October 2022.

3. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

The game had been released on March 25th, 2022. You will get to play a completely new Borderland game. The ambiance and aura of this game's environment resemble something similar to a mix of 'Medieval',' Mystical' and 'Fantasy' Themes. The weapon types seem totally different. The enemies seem totally different. Just the overall flow and loop of the game and the map seems to be different and is more fantasy RPG-focused. It already looks like it's gonna be fun. Borderlands lovers would love this one. And for someone, who isn't a fan of the series, this game might still catch the attention due to the humor it has. The game having an element of humor is something new and different.

2. Starfield

This is the next open-world game from Bethesda and I'm excited for this because it brings the trademark Fallout slash elder scrolls style gameplay into a totally new environment space. They're continuing to use the creation engine but whatever maybe they've brought it up to park. We'll see that's the one bit of trepidation I have for this game and yes obviously want to play Starfield's which is landing on November 11.

1. Elden ring

What more can you say about this long-anticipated game from FromSoftware, the people behind "Demon's Souls," "Dark Souls," "Bloodborne" and "Sekiro"? This is their next big thing and has very much taken the Soulsborne formula and framework, putting it in an open-world setting. And from what we've seen, it doesn't look like they're half-assessed it. It is an open-world Souls-like game. The way they've designed the bosses and how the flow works from the open world into dungeons seems to be pretty creative. It gives you choices along with freedom. There is an assigned jump button in this game which is a game-changer and insane. The summons looks cool. Everything about this game looks phenomenal If you're a fan of these games, or a fan of FromSoftware, then nothing else is left to say. Just get the experience of playing this masterpiece yourselves and have a jolly time. There's nothing that you don't already know or there's nothing else to get you more excited. "Elden Ring" has been released on all the major consoles on February 25th, 2022.


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