The Best Free PC Games on Steam 2023


Hello, hope you all doing well today I got a special Gaming blog for you guys with The Best free PC games. Today I'm gonna share with you guys the Best Free PC games that you can play right now in 2023.
These games include first-person shooters battle royale games survival games and more. I'm pretty sure you guys definitely gonna find something interesting. By the way, these games include newly released titles as well as popular old titles on Steam.

1. Path of Exile

If you're into action RPG dungeon crawler games that are free to play you will love the path of Exile if you like Diablo type games you will enjoy Path of Exile what I like most about this game is that it's free to play the graphics are insane it has continued support from the development team and the game is it just has so much depth to it the skill trees will scare away an amateur player as they just get lost in it which tells me this game has a lot of potential for a long time and long term gameplay that you won't get bored. You are going to invest time into and really dedicate yourself to being a really solid player path of Exile is essentially it's a classic in the action RPG genre and its one that you cannot go wrong on it's definitely one of the best games on steam that are free to play.

2. Apex legends

This game is one of in my opinion the best battle royale games that you can play on steam it has some really great game mechanics different class systems and customization that is unique to the genre not to mention the graphics which I think are incredible they actually remind of borderlands from back in the day which is one of my favorite titles that I've ever played of all time. If you like battle royale games or action shooter games where you work together with a team where you can play as a different class customize your weapons and really dominate on the battlefield and you don't want to pay anything for the game you want to play for free you have to try apex legends.

3. Destiny 2

Destiny 1 was incredible Destiny 2 launched with issues of its own and then went free to play since that time it has been one of the best games on Steam overall not even including only free-to-play. This game has so much depth open world where you can do tons of things in this expansive world, play with other players, player versus environment and yes it does look to have a bit of a halo feel to it. It's one of those games where you can get behind the controller do some PvE experiences and really get control of your character quickly and feel like you have the ability to have some really good fun then once you hone your skills you become a better player you can get into PVP elements of the game and really test your skills destiny 2 is a must-play game for any steam game player, especially ones looking for something for free.

4. CS: GO

Counter-Strike is one of the largest shooter games in esports team-based and a very difficult game to master but it is fun to get involved in a very different type of shooter one that's been around for many years where you need to do objective-based gameplay where there's really not much aiming down sights unless you're using a sniper it's just a very different feel if you're looking for a game that's big into the esports. This game has a massive player base that is really dedicated to the game. You're going to try counter-strike but it's one that's not going to hold your hand, in the beginning, it's going to be difficult in beginning you're going to take deaths but if you put in the time you could really enjoy yourself and have some really fun gameplay. It's nice because you could also play against AI so you can improve yourself get better and then move on to PVP remember we spoke of Destiny 2 a little bit earlier.

5. Warframe

Warframe is another game that really is similar to Destiny 2 but has a lot more melee mechanics and is just a very different game overall this is a completely free-to-play game that is extremely enjoyable and high quality with some of the best graphics I've seen on Steam. I really love how you can build up your character get into the PVP elements and really have so much fun with the different movements and battle mechanics inside of the game just watching the trailer lets you see how fast the game is and how quickly you move around and what different types of attacks you could string together. This is a game that's been big for a long time and has massive support from the developers and will continue to dominate over the years this one's going nowhere it's one you should try.

6. Smite

This Game may be a good option for you but this is not one of the most popular played MOBA titles it is one that's very good and has a long-lasting community and is still going strong today and of course, to make it on this list it needs to be free to play the game is really solid for those who are interested in MOBA's and one that you want to give a try.

7. Team Fortress 2

This is another game exclusive to Steam exclusive to valve that has really been around for an extremely long time it's a shooter title and class-based but this one kind of takes comedy into play as well it's a less serious version of a competitive shooter and in my opinion as well as the community's opinion. I would say this one is the best of all time you could play as multiple different character classes all serving different purposes. In this game, you're going to have objective-based gameplay that's going to help you maneuver your way through your victories as you play as you can see from this trailer alone this game is comical they don't take things too seriously. Inside the game if you're looking for something casual yet competitive team fortress is the one for you.

8. Dota 2

Dota 2 will be that other MOBA it's another valve exclusive title and it's one of the leaders in the MOBA genre. It is free to play and extremely enjoyable and really a class leader in the genre. If you had to choose a free-to-play game that was a MOBA this would probably be one of your best choices if you wanted to play through steam.

9. World of Warships

This is the game where you battle it out with other warships as you are a warship yourself I'll admit this is not one of my favorite genres of titles but this is an extremely good game well supported and loved by the community right here on steam specifically players that are looking for free to play games. If you're looking for this type of game warships or even tanks I would say is a great game for you to try.

10. Rogue company

Rogue company is another one of them I played quite a bit of this I love the way that you move through this map it's got the nice cover system that remembers from the olden days of gears of war the nice roll and jump system and you can customize your characters not only their gear but also their emotes and their dances it's a lot of fun this is not one of the most popular shooters on steam but it is definitely one that's enjoyable well made and well worth your time.

11. Spellbreak

This is a battle royale magical game where instead of weapons you harness the gauntlets which are gloves that you wear that empower you with different skills and abilities that can be customized and merged together this is a battle royale style game where you come into the world and you put your skills to the test. Weapons are not the factor here it is your magical powers. The game has really done well but unfortunately, the developers of the game have gone dark and we have not heard anything from them no updates and very little support as well which was very strange for this development company because they were always so connected to the community with that being said the servers are still open and there is a community of players that love this game that is still playing.


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